Hello Loves,

I hope you all have been doing well! So today's blog is going to be a little deep as I talk about the importance of letting go of numbers, specifically in the digital age. What do I mean by that? Well, in this day and age everything is about numbers. How long you've been at your place of employment, your age and job title in your current career, the number of views you get on a video, likes on a photo and most of all the amount of people that are following you. Everything seems to be about numbers....or so I thought.

I won't lie, when I first began this social media/blogging journey I too thought everything was about numbers. I thought that opportunities that I wanted to achieve only came to those with larger platforms. But little did I know that those same opportunities are awarded to those with smaller platforms too...because smaller influencers can produce the largest influence! I first began "blogging" at the the beginning of 2016 and started a YouTube channel around the middle of 2016. I was able to get my videos monetized very quickly through YouTube, because I was consistent and honestly I looked at the numbers part of it. I figured, "If I create more content, then my following will grow, and I'll magically be able to do this full time by the end of 2016". Well, long story short, that obviously didn't happen lol. Yes, my views grew quickly, and by the end of 2016 I had hit 100k views, but only about 1100 subscribers. So what does that mean? To me it meant that while my content may have been interesting at the time, there was a personal connection that I was lacking, hence my lack of followers. I would say the same goes for my Instagram. The content was basic, cute, simple, and so were the messages, but the engagement part was missing. And up until the summer of 2017, both of my platforms had hit a major plateau. I wasn't losing anything, but I also wasn't gaining. The same goes for my blog. My blog has never been a place that has received comments or much feedback, but I can 100% tell you that when I pull my analytics the clicks, purchases and reads I had last year around this time vs what I have now is a 360!


So what changed during the summer of 2017? What made me go from being at a standstill to gaining incredible opportunities and engagement? What made not one, but TWO major networking platforms reach out and say, "hey, we see you and we've got a way for you to really monetize what your doing"? Well, I stopped caring about the numbers. I stopped putting so much focus and emphasis on doing this "social media" thing by the time I hit a certain age. I stopped paying so much attention on the numbers and started really focusing on the content I would want to read/see/watch. And I took it one step at a time. Last summer I made an effort to bring life back to my blog. As you may have read in previous blogs, I basically told my boyfriend that I needed his help taking photos and we've been at it every week since then. And because of those photos, it's allowed me to create content I would want to follow on my Instagram, which in turn grew my Instagram. Last summer my boyfriend and I went on vacation to Ft. Lauderdale and I noticed my engagement and following grow intensely within those couple of days. And it was all because I quit focusing on numbers and began just posting what I would want to follow. I don't want to always see a "pretty outfit" or a politically correct caption. I want to go on vacation with you. I want to see what your seeing, eat what your eating, buy what your wearing, stay where your staying. The point is, is that I want to see the realness. I will never forget when I re-organized my beauty room/office space and featured it all on Instagram Stories, the amount of views I had and the overwhelming amount of support. Who knew that people genuinely enjoyed watching a decluttering transformation from beginning to end. That IG Story alone had over 5000 views from ordinary individuals just wanting to follow me on that journey. And yet, to me, it was just me doing what I would have been doing anyways, and choosing to share it with the world.


So I write all of that to say, I could care less about the numbers. My numbers on each platform are growing organically and whether I gain 100 followers or 10 followers, it doesn't matter to me anymore. I'm starting to re-focus some my attention a little more on my YouTube channel, not because of numbers, but because I really love it. It's crazy that my view count on each video has gone down some, but my subscriber count and watch time has gone up. Maybe some of that has to do with me being a little more consistent, or maybe it has to do with the heart I'm putting back into my channel. I know it sounds super cliche but I really never thought someone with numbers like mine, would be given the opportunity to work with brands like, Shiseido, Maybelline, West Elm, Coca Cola, Zales (coming up!) and so on. But as more opportunities head my way, I'm noticing that they too don't always care about the number count. So if your a blogger or influencer like me and have too received the same opportunities think about this. Out of the hundreds of thousands of bloggers/influencers they could have used, they reached out to you. They saw something special in you and decided to contact you. Send you the product. Compensate you. And ultimately build that business relationship with you. It's not because of your huge following, or your millions of views,  or some giveway you did with other bloggers you don't know( not being shady, just keeping it real)'s because of you!

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to know that no matter what it is your doing or what your trying to achieve, if your doing it for the numbers then it won't happen. If your heart isn't in it and if your not sincerely passionate about it, it won't happen. Once you quit focusing on the numbers, the sales, the views, the likes and followers, is when all of those things will begin to fall into place. I promise you! That's how the universe works. The energy you put into something, is what you'll get back tenfold. And that doesn't only apply to my bloggers or social media/digital influencers. That applies to everyone, in any field that your in. I'm in Property Management, and I can truly say I have been rewarded over and over and over again and experienced an abundance of blessings, just for being my authentic self and putting in effort and hard work. The people that I thought weren't watching, were.....and the people I thought weren't listening had their ears wide open.  December 2017 was my 5 year mark with the company and I've been to 5 different states(about to be 6 as of today!) and 7 different cities( will be 8 today!) during my years with them! So be patient, be passionate, be persistent, and know that universe has a wonderful thing called prosperity headed your way!




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