Hello Loves,

I hope you all have been doing well and hopefully enjoying this warmer weather!(beyond ready for Spring). I'll get into details about this look, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the many ups and downs of life. Within the past three weeks, 2 people that I knew personally have passed away due to illnesses, there are individuals around me that are going through some serious and problematic life changes, I've had the flu, my 2 co-workers have had the flu, I've stopped working out on a regular basis, and my blogging/social media performance has dipped. All of this within a span on 21 days has caused my anxiety to be THROUGH THE ROOF!

I'm typically not an anxious person and can typically handle stress very well, but I think I just hit a breaking point today. Today was the day that I had enough. Today was the day that I told myself, "You need to let it go and stop worrying". Today was the day. So this morning I woke up and before I got out of bed I turned on Louise Hay. Whenever I feel like I'm hitting a wall or feeling overwhelmed I listen to her. She reminds me that every day we wake up is another chance to think different thoughts and spread positivity into your universe. She reminds me that it's ok to have a bad day, to be sympathetic, empathetic and to sometimes feel anxious and uneasy. She reminds me that it's ok to cry, to laugh, to smile and to be upset. Why? Because I'm human. But what I love most about Louise Hay is that she always reminds me every day is a new day. So this morning as I listened to her in bed(she actually tells you to listen to her before you get out of your bed) I thought to myself, "Today is a new day and the thoughts I think today, will lead to the outcome of my day". So I closed my eyes and I just let it all go. I needed to stop over analyzing things that happened in the past. I can't change those things, but I can change my thoughts and outlook.

So that's what I'm doing right now! As I write this I can tell you that today has been a great day! I've gotten a lot accomplished today and managed to stay focused and positive. One of the lines that Louise always says is, "Send love wherever you go and love the things around you". What she means by that is, instead of complaining about going into work and risking the possibility of having a bad day, send love to your workplace. Thank the bed that you got out of this morning for keeping you warm and cozy. Thank the car that effortlessly gets you from point A to point B. Thank the barista that makes your coffee drink. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, send love!

With all that being said I wanted to share this look with you. Not only is it on trend for Spring, but this look is a reminder that sometimes it's best to just let it go. I remember when I shot this look, it was in the parking garage of a shopping center because it was pouring rain outside. I'm trying to grow my natural hair out, so I'm wearing wigs and I remember when I threw on this wig that I felt so free and natural. I didn't care about the rain, the cold, or even the hair. In that moment I just felt free. Even though the dress has different prints and patterns and the hair is different, it somehow all seems to flow. And that's all I want. The connection between how we feel and our thoughts inevitably effects what we do...and how we look. So with all that being said I just wanted to remind you as Louise reminds me, that each day is a new day, your experiences and emotions that you felt yesterday, don't have to be the experiences and emotions you feel today. That only YOU can control the thoughts in your head. That YOU are the only person that can control your thoughts the outcome from your thoughts. And to make each day a new day!




DRESS: Urban Outfitters BOOTS: Aldo(similar style linked) WATCH: Michael Kors