Hello Loves, 

We've officially made it to the last day of the first month!...and next you'll blink and it will be 2019. Would ya look at that! lol. So remember in the last post where I talked about my shopping trip to Urban Outfitters? Well, this look right here is basically a walking ad for Urban Outfitters(pssshhh...I wishhhhh). As soon as I walked into Urban Outfitters I saw these paper waist trousers on display and loved everything about them. The style, the material, the color, the waist, everything. It's no secret that I've been known to mix and match casual and dressy pieces together. Yes, you could easily pair this with a dressy top, or a blazer but of course that would be too simple for me. There's nothing I love more than being comfortable. Even if that means graphic-teeing it up top and putting in a little effort on the bottom lol.


GRAPHIC TEE: Urban Outfitters PANTS: Urban Outfitters HEELS: Boohoo, but I've linked an alternative style below BAG: Express

So that's it loves. That's all I got. a casual FILA shirt and some comfy as hell pants. I hope this month has been productive, successful, plentiful and most of all happy for you all! I know for me this month has been all of that and more! I hope this last look and all the looks over this past month have given you all some inspiration and tips! See you during the month of love!