Hello Loves!

I hope you all have been doing great! So glad you all loved the last post and SHOPPED the last post too! So this year I'm going for more a ME vibe. No more trying to be something I'm not. I know that sounds way worse than what it actually is, but I promise it's not that bad. I'm not saying that I wasn't anything but myself, but I've come to a place in my life where I feel like my style, my quirkiness, my bougieness(on a budget of course) my humor and more is something that people actually like. Let me expand on that.  I remember when there was a time last year that I almost found myself dropping $2,000 on a bag! Yes, $2,000! But after much thought I found myself taking a step back and asking my inner Britt, "Why are you buying this bag?". The bag itself was gorgeous and came with all the bells and whistles. it's a very popular bag made famous by fashion bloggers and those alike, due to the luxury name brand of it and the actual functionality. But even with all those factors taken into consideration I still wondered, "Why am I buying this?"I knew that if I had to question why I was purchasing an item, that I didn't need to purchase it. And so I put the bag back and walked out of Neiman Marcus.

I feel like more often than none, there is a false portrayal of who you THINK you are and who you ACTUALLY are. People spend so much time spewing cliche sayings like, "Be You", and "Don't Change for Anyone", when in reality everyone changes. It's a part of life. No one stays the same. The more you age the more you learn about yourself. The same girl I was 3 years ago is not the same girl I am today. Hell, the girl I was last year is not the same girl I am today. And that's OK. It's OK to change up your liking and taste for products. It's OK to want to change career paths and start something new. It's OK to change your diet.(hence me going vegan). It's all OK. As long as you are doing it for YOU and no one else. As long as YOU are trying to impress YOU and no one else. As long as YOU can admire and celebrate that $2000 bag you worked so hard for. It's all OK!

I knew that me purchasing that bag wasn't for ME. I felt that purchasing that bag was just something that would "peak" my blogging career. I wasn't looking at that bag because I REALLY wanted it, or had worked my ass off for it. I was going to purchase that bag because I felt that it was something that ALL bloggers needed to have...when really I'm the girl that loves to buy affordable bags. I'm the girl that loves shopping at Aldo or Topshop or even H&M(we'll hold off on that one for now) for her handbags. And that too is OK. The opportunities that arose last year and the ones coming up this year didn't happen because I was trying to be someone else. They happened when I STOPPED trying to be LIKE everyone else.

So with that being said, I'm saying this to remind you guys to just be YOU this year. Be UNAPOLOGETIC-ALLY YOU! I hope you've enjoyed this read and I'll talk to you all soon!





HAT: Urban Outfitters SWEATER: H&M(alternative style linked) DENIM JACKET: Levis DENIM: Topshop HEELS: Aldo BAG: BCBG (2 alternate styles linked)