Hello Loves,

I hope you all have been doing wonderful! I know it’s been a whiiilllleee! I miss you all sooo much! There has just been so many wonderful and time consuming things happening within the past month. First, as you can see the blog is REVAMPED! I absolutely love the look and feel of my blog now. I’ve worked SO hard on mastering the vibe I’ve always wanted. I love photos. I love fashion. I love makeup. And above all I crave simplicity. So when it was time for me make some changes, I knew that I wanted to go the simple route!

The second change that’s happened within the past few weeks is starting a new job, which I absolutely love! It’s in the same overall industry I was in before, but on a much more niche scope. My new team and company have been so incredibly welcoming! I cannot wait to continue on my journey with them.

The third change that’s happened is my brand relationships/engagement has EXPLODED within the past few weeks! I never in a million years thought I would be working with brands like Sephora, Ulta, Clinique and more! Receiving multiple emails on a daily basis to work with brands that I use, brands that I already love has me blown! So yeah, ya girl has been busy doing things behind the scene…real BUSY! :)


With all that being said, I wanted to quickly touch on one of the top trends for this season, which is animal print. Yes, it’s back and here to stay! Me personally, I’ve always been an animal print girl. Going all the way back to my retail days, I used to buy leopard cardigans, leopard print pencil skirts, snake print belts, scarves and more. So when I saw this trend (which has always been more of a staple, less of a trend for me) hit the runways and publications this past season I was ecstatic! Animal print is one of the easiest prints to pull off in my opinion. But I do also know that it is a print that can go from chic to gaudy real quick if not styled correctly.

The basic key to pulling off animal print is wearing neutrals and simplicity. If your going to wear an animal print top, wear a neutral, simple bottom or denim. Same goes for bottoms. Also make sure to keep your shoes and accessories simple. I also prefer to go for classic and neutral animal prints as opposed to bright prints. (ex. I prefer a grey snake print top over a neon snake print top). With all that being said go out there and rock your inner animal!




Top: H&M Skirt: Target Booties: Aldo (similar ones linked here) Bag: Charming Charlie (similar one linked here)