V.I.B PLEASE! 2018 Spring Must haves for Sephora VIB sale!

Hello Loves!

It's that time again! That time where we splurge on our favorite beauty/skincare items! Being a makeup/skincare addict, I wanted to share with you all my recommendations and most coveted items that I'll be purchasing during the sale! This is the time to shop for those luxury items you've been wanting, or just restock on your must haves!


1) The Smashbox Primer Water is great for refreshing your face and prepping your skin for regular primer and foundation. I've been using this since it came out and it honestly is the #1 thing that helps my makeup last ALL DAY LONG!

2) My boyfriend meant to pick up the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Mask, but accidentally picked up the primer instead....and good thing he did! I haven't put this primer down since! It is SUPER mattifying and covers your pores to create super smooth canvas for your foundation. You MUST pick this primer up! Great for oily skin, smooths the t-zone area, and is awesome for warmer months. 

3) If you want a primer that's a little more luxurious, but still gets the job done, then look no more! I absolutely adore this YSL primer! It has little reflex of gold in it, that creates a nice and natural glow to the skin. This blurring primer also helps to smooth the skin and prep it for foundation. The nice thing about this primer is that it is also great for those "no make-up days". Put a little of this on your face, when you don't feel like wearing anything and you have a smooth base AND glowy skin!


1)  So, I've had this Tinted Cream for a while now, but always thought of myself as being a "full coverage" girl. It wasn't until this past Winter, when my skin was like a dry desert, that I fell in love with this product! Not only does it offer medium to full coverage, but it's great for those "no make-up, makeup" days. This product is great for those with dry skin, but even if you have oily skin like I do it still works! If you don't want a little of your natural skin to peak through, then this is the product for you!

2) Now, this Tinted Moisturizer is the the HOLY GRAIL of all Tinted Moisturizers! This product is not only medium to FULL coverage, but comes a LARGE variety of shades! I'm obsessed with this product! It is so hard to find a Tinted Moisturizer that has skin protecting benefits and offers the coverage you want out of a regular foundation...but this NARS product checks all those boxes! This is a serious MUST HAVE for Spring/Summer!

3) This was a hard choice because I have soooo many foundations and quite a few I love, but if I had to narrow down the BEST foundation for this season it would be this one! This  super full coverage foundation is incredible for the Spring/Summer season! Not only is it full coverage, but it last ALL DAY LONG! If you have combination to oily skin and work a 8hr work shift, then this is the foundation for you! It also comes in a LARGE variety of shades!


1) I am OBSESSED with this concealer! There are so many concealers that I have and have loved to death, but this one just has my heart! It is the perfect mix of full coverage yet, lightweight! This concealer is super easy to blend out and comes in a LARGE range of shades! Please please get this concealer as you will NOT be disappointed!

2) Of course after you've concealed, you must BAKE! There are two other setting powders that I adore, but if I had to take my pick at which setting product I would take with me on a deserted island, it would be this one. This setting powder is lightweight and doesn't leave that white flashback look. It sets your makeup so beautifully and effortlessly!

3) Yes, contour is still in, and I'm HERE FOR IT! Gone are the days of the contour palettes( at least for me) and here to stay are 2-in-one products like this one! This product is technically a foundation stick, but of course it can be used in more than one way. The great thing about makeup is that there's so many uses for products! I love how this product is super creamy and smooth and is amazing at creating those hollows for contouring. Not only does it come in over 15 different shades, but she nailed it with the undertones as well!

4) One product that is so hard to find for women of deeper skin is bronzer. For whatever reason, those products just aren't made for us in masses( I guess it's because we already have that natural glowy melanin lol) and the one's that are in stores are either too grey or too ashy. However, this product is INCREDIBLE! Bobbi Brown has always been a pioneer when it comes to having a variety of shade ranges, so when I was searching for a bronzer I knew exactly where to look! This bronzer is perfect for deeper skin. It's not ashy or grey, and provides the perfect glow and sunkissed look to the skin, This bronzer is also great for contouring! If you want that sunkissed touch you MUST get this bronzer.


1) "She needs some MILK!"....is what I say every time I reach for this product! lol. I adore this illuminator! Not only does it have this halographic shift to it, but it lays so beautifully on the skin. Whenever you want that "glow from within" look, go for this! MILK is such a great brand as well and it's always nice to see the underdog win!

2) I...MEAN.....does this product even need a introduction? This product is STILL gathering everyone's edges! You will not find another highlight that gives you that glow like this product! The only thing I would recommend is to go at it with a light hand, as it is VERY VERY pigmented! Other than that, you better slay your inner Caribbean Island Goddess!

3) This wouldn't be a recommendation post without mentioning the highlight queen herself! All of her Glow Kit's are amazing, but there's something about this Glow Kit that just gives me LIFE! It's perfect for this season, but also has this holographic, whimsical shift to it. You wouldn't expect someone with deeper skin tones to love this particular Glow Kit, but oh my when I tell you this is GORGEOUS on deeper skin believe me!


1) We can't leave off without BLUSH! If you've been following me for a while then you know that Nars blushes are my absolute favorite!...but when it comes to my TOP blush I have to go with this one! This blush is soooo universal and goes with every season! It has a mauve/pink/brown tint to it, that goes great with any makeup look. This color is so romantic and pretty and is the PERFECT buy for this sale!

2) Naked. The end. lol.....I know you guys are probably getting sick and tired of me talking about this palette, but I just can't help it! This palette is an absolute dream. Not only is it great for Fall/Winter, but Spring and Summer as well. This palette has EVERY SINGLE LOOK you want to create! Want smokey?...Done! Want neutral?...Done! Want burnt orange?...DONE! If there is one palette you MUST have it's this one!

3) It's so hard to find that perfect nude lipstick/liquid lipstick, but this one hits it out of the park! This liquid lipstick is amazing! Not only is is great for deeper skin tones, but with it being ABH's formula, you know it's set to last all day long! This color is the perfect nude/brown/hint of coral undertone that makes this a wonderful everyday color for Spring!

4) Now that we have our nude, we must have a BOLD color! Of course those so many bold lip colors you can do for Spring/Summer, but nothing beats a classic red lip! I'm in LOVE with the Stila lipsticks as they too last all day long! This particular color is un-like any other color I have in my collection. Yes, it's red, but it's a fiery/brownish red that I haven't seen any where else. Everytime I run out of this color I make it my mission to purchase another one!

5) Ok loves, now that we're done beating our face we must SET! The BEST setting spray is hands down this one! Urban Decay has been doing it for years and continues to slay the game with their setting spray! This is one of those items that everybody needs in their collection...and a back up or two!


1) This cleansing balm is the BEST BEST product to remove your makeup! I used to be so into using cleansing wipes to remove my makeup, but since I've discovered this, I haven't looked back. This balm literally melts off your makeup and leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed, without stripping your natural oils. There's a reason why this is the #1 makeup remover!

2) Everyone knows about this product and for good reason! This cleanser is incredible! Philosophy is known for having good ingredients in their products that don't strip away at your face. I use this cleanser at night after I've used my balm to solidify that all the dirt and grime that was collected on my face that day is gone! I have the large size of this, the medium size and the travel...let's just say I'm obsessed!

3) No matter how many times you cleanse, your face will never be 100% cleansed without this product! Yes, it is a little pricey, but NOW is the time to get your hands on it with a discount! I bought mine about 2 years ago and it is the BEST skincare investment I've ever made! Once you have it, you only have to switch out the brush heads. Other than that, this product is amazing at cleaning your face and getting rid of dead skin and dirt. Just try it and after one week you will notice a brand new skin!

4) Ladies, we all have that time of the month where mother nature likes to play us(insert crying emoji, lol). Well, I used to just wait it out and let my blemishes go away on their own, but after discovering this product I no longer have too! This acne mask is amazing at spot treating ANY blemishes you have. This product works so well, that I've even got my boyfriend hooked on it! Whatever blemish you feel begin to come in or have, just place a tiny dab of this on it and you'll notice the next day that it's gone or severely flattened. Best spot treatment on the market!

5) Sunday Riley...she takes ALL my coins! lol. But for good reason! I've heard so many people talk about this product and finally decided to give it a try a few months ago! I started off getting the sample size first, put it on that night and woke the next day and was in shock at how my skin looked! My dead skin was gone, my new skin was radiant and glowy and my dark spots had lightened up! This product is another item that is one of the BEST skincare investments I've ever made! For me, you can't have good makeup without good skin.

6) In keeping with Sunday Riley, another phenomenal product is this oil! This oil is amazing at lightening dark spots, nourishing the skin, and just adding that overall glow to the skin! This product has retinal in it, which helps to plump the skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin looking luminous in the morning! It's always a great idea to put some type of nourishing oil on your face before you go to bed, but if you want the best of the best I would go for this!

7) This is one of the BEST day time moisturizers for those of us with combination to oily skin! (they also make a line for those with dry skin as well) and it's pretty inexpensive! This moisturizer is oil-free, and offers awesome hydration and moisture to the skin without making you oily. It feels great on the skin and has a nice cooling sensation!

8) I can't leave off my recommendations without mentioning the #1 tool you need in your beauty regime! The Beauty Blender, is hands down the best tool you'll ever have! It blends makeup effortlessly, minimizes creasing, great for spot concealing, blending, baking, adding highlight and so on! I'm sure you already have this product(or two, or three), but you can't go wrong with another one! This is always a great product to stock up on!