L.A.S.H.E.S 101

Hey Guys!
So today I wanted to show you all how to get this wispie, "natural" lash look. With Spring here, and Summer right around the corner, I feel like this is a great and easy go to lash for the weather. It's great for day, but pop on a bold lip, and you've got a night look too!

Step 1: Find a natural looking lash AND Individual lashes. My favorite is the Ardell Wispies (5 pack) and the Ardell Individual lashes

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of glue to your lash strip, and dip the end of an individual lash in the glue. Then apply the individual lash to the lash strip

Step 3: Let both lashes get tacky(almost dry) and the apply as CLOSE a possible to your eye

Step 4: Let that dry fully, then apply your favorite mascara, so that the false lashes blend with your natural lash

Step 5: YOUR DONE! Now go and slay the world!

Thanks guys!